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Please find joy. Please be joy. Please share joy. These are the 3 parts of The JOYELY Formula found at JOYELY.com. JOYELY is a digital and in person gathering of people focused on joy, because the more we focus on joy in our lives, the more joy we have in our lives.

Continue realizing the power of joy. Continue being extraordinary in your focus of joy and Thank you for your commitment to A Joy Movement.

Sheryl Lynn
JOYELY, Founder

By Brenda Green

Welcome, Friends! We are all beautiful and amazing Queens and Kings from the same source. We are Royalty endowed with abundance in which to experience joy.

Living joyfully and with gratitude is powerful because we all have the potential to live this way.

We have been gifted with the capacity to access and experience the deep joy that is outside of the creation of society’s models of success and happiness.

You are special and full of amazing gifts. Here is an open invitation to A Joy Movement, a never-ending journey of creating and sharing joy.

According to Webster’s, joy happens when something or someone becomes a source or cause of delight. Joy evokes emotions of well-being, success, or good fortune.

This is my letter to each of you Kings and Queens to share how I strive to laugh, live and love joyfully every day. Do you remember your last delightful experience? While you are thinking, hopefully, you do not have to think any further than today about something that evoked joy, happiness, and peace for a moment.

Today, I woke up, yawned, stretched, looked out the window at the dawning of the day with the sun peeking through and realized how lucky I was to wake up and behold such a magnificent view. The morning’s aroma of coffee percolated on the stove and floated through the house arousing me from a sound sleep and reminding me of how good coffee tastes and feels while I sipped on a fresh cup to begin my busy day.

Becoming a Nana was the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me. It used to be that my adorable granddaughter’s coo-coos, cries, smiles, and even messy diapers gave me endless joy because I know that as she grows, she will leave behind baby things and begin new joyful discoveries of her own. I am so blessed to get to laugh, live and love on my sweet granddaughter whose smiles, giggles, walks, runs and daily attempts at talking bring incomparable perpetual joy! Whatever you remember, I hope you will capture the many magical moments like I do that help me to live my life more fully and joyfully.

I try really hard to focus on the joy that is within me. The joy that I receive from others and the joy I get from giving to others. Focusing on joy is not about focusing on material things. It’s about honoring the gifts of the present and the presence of others in our lives. Like a camera lens, I can focus on joy in more intimate ways because joy is always present. If everyone focused on JOY, the world would be like pillows of clouds billowing across the sky carrying joy across the plains, deserts, and oceans, feel like a cool rain shower after a hot summer’s day, sound like Beethoven’s Symphony no. 5 and smell like fresh baked biscuits and muffins waffling from a hot oven and ready to be consumed with a cup of chamomile tea. The world would look like and feel like we care for each other, and that experiencing this journey called life individually and collectively in joyful ways is what’s really important. Focusing on joy reduces the noise of chaos and confusion and allows pure beauty, calm and innocence to rise. Focusing on joy transforms the mundane into something joyful! Focusing on joy releases more joy!

Thank you, Sheryl, for refusing to dim your light, for choosing to remain steadfast and strong on your journey, for realizing that the key to your own cultivation of your best life has been joy. Thank you, Shannon, Bailey, and Carlos, for being part of Team Joyely. I am so excited to engage in A Joy Movement with all of you! I get this opportunity to insert my energy into the electrifying flow of energies that will be seeking to connect.

When you decide that you are truly connected to every living thing, you realize the importance of doing your part to create a way for everyone to experience the feeling of joy. A Joy Movement is a way for anyone anywhere and at any time to discover the power of joy. When you choose to engage in a joy movement, you begin to realize how much joy is flowing into and through you, and all that you have to do is to allow yourself to freely exist in whatever shape and size, let’ go with the flow.

I read a question about whether I would choose to take one million dollars or a single penny that doubled every day. Well, at first, I didn’t choose the penny. But, after reading that a single penny that doubled every day for 30 days would be equal to $5,368,709.12, I realized the power of compound interest!

So, imagine what it would be like if we could compound joy on a daily basis!

Compounding and celebrating joy together is beneficial for all humankind. Daily affirmations of joy flow every day regardless of what kind of day it is. It is always a miracle to wake up every morning. It’s not the alarm clock that wakes us up. When we understand that even the act of breathing is joy, then we can inhale and exhale, realize all of the other living and breathing creatures and see how blessed we are to just breathe. From one breath to another, we can focus on our own breathing rhythm and meditate. Being still and aware of each second and each moment, we can focus our sense of smell on what’s in our immediate space and our environmental surroundings. How many distinct smells are we now able to pause and pontificate on? What joy might we have missed if we hadn’t focused on smelling what’s around us or flowing to and through us? I love the smell of fragrances and colognes. Visiting the mall and smelling fragrance samples brings me so much joy.

How exciting would it be if we moved from ourselves to our neighborhood, across town, into the next county, throughout and over each state, and even beyond the borders of our own nation, creating and celebrating the joy that is compounding and reverberating through the universe like the speed of light. Intentionally experiencing joy every day, every week, every month, and year after year will lead to better. Better mindsets, kinder and gentler hearts, healthier relationships, and more acts of compassion.

Unfortunately, society has systems that are meant to contain and sustain us as civil and social beings. And, some systems are designed to be painful and punitive. Even mandates on compulsory education can put a damper on learning. If jails and prisons were to focus on joy as a way to bring healing and correction to negative behavior, those incarcerated might become more empathetic, remorseful, find and receive redemption through experiencing joy. Joy is inside those walls. I have personally visited a few close relatives in prison and realized that on the inside, much of the population seems resigned to their new home and have been able to survive through discovering joy. I saw people who might be in prison for a long time or never have the opportunity to be released. I saw people who seemed genuinely happy in their current situation, one in which most of us would not be able to make. Because prisoners have limited resources, they find joy creating games to pass the time with, turning trash into something to write beautiful poems to their loved ones on the outside, making paint from condiments and painting lovely scenes of serenity, the opposite of the place they now call home. Despite the numerous challenges that any soul feels inside prison walls, I saw men and women who were able to enjoy much joy in just trying to live in a world where the sun rises and sets every day, but they do not see it. Passing the days with meaningful experiences that divert negative attention and behavior to doing something kind for another is a way to create joyful healing from past and present pain, trauma, self-destructive behaviors and desires to harm others.

In classrooms where I have taught, bells, schedules, routines, policies and procedures, teachers and administrators manage children, materials and the learning process. But focusing on the joy of questions, discovery, and learning can greatly enhance how students feel about coming to school and being tied to classrooms and curriculum guides. However, despite the job that I had to do, I was able to create and find joy in so many little things every day. My students and I loved to sing, and so we sang. We enjoyed sharing special things about ourselves that might relate to what we were studying. I love to sing, play the piano and the clarinet. I have shared my joy of music with my students. I still recall how they treated me like a Rockstar when I was uninhibited enough to share my talent for playing the piano and singing. I allowed a few minutes to honor what mattered to us. Allowing for natural curiosity, and joyfully celebrating each other through the learning process will infuse joy that inspires deeper connections and communications. I am so glad that I did not stifle joy in my classrooms. I remember and so do my students, the many times when we shared and released joy.

On a personal level, more joy would be experienced throughout each day as part of the natural flow and rhythm. So many things happen every day, sometimes routinely, and sometimes serendipitously. It might be easy to ignore these things because you don’t have to spend much time on them. However, if you want to experience more joy, try paying more attention to how you feel when you brush your teeth. There is joy in having teeth to brush, the bristles massaging your gums, swishing water to rinse and feeling the clean, smooth teeth. Have you ever passed someone or something so many times that you really don’t think much about it? But, what if you were to slow down and pay closer attention to the lovely flowers growing in your neighbor’s yard because she has been tending them for months now, every day and at the same time. Yet, you never really noticed what was going on. Now, you see the breathtaking beauty of azaleas, roses, peonies, and etc. So much joy goes unfelt, unheard and unrecognized. Every day is a new day to love the joy you discover, give and receive.

The world itself is an oasis of joy! There are so many creative ways to be joyful together. It’s amazing that the entire Universe’s existence is connected and emanated from the same source. That source has equipped us with an abundance of natural joy. Together we need to protect our world. We are all responsible for how we live in this world, and when we recognize that caring for all living beings within our world is our responsibility, joy arises. Technology connects us and enables us to communicate simultaneously even if a different language is spoken. Sharing joyful moments every day with people across the globe is an awesome way for other cultures to share what they eat for breakfasts, where they work, how they exercise, what they do for entertainment, and so on. Using Social Media, audio and video, people all over the world can greet each other, and show just how much we have in common and what unites us than divides us.

A Joy Movement cordially invites everyone to commit to being personally more joyful, but more importantly, having an understanding and willingness to realize the power of joy. Do something ordinary but focus on just that thing or person and observe and receive the joy. Sign up for A Joy Movement’s subscriber email, follow us @joyelystudios, and discover how different people experience joy throughout the world. We know that joy has the power to heal and help, and that’s why it’s so important to live joyfully.

Let’s begin with the greatest joy. The greatest joy on this earth is that human beings and all living things are intricately connected to the very source of our existence. That means that whatever the source has, we can all access it. When we choose to allow the spirit of joy to have its way, know that more joy will form and follow in vibrational harmony to others thinking and acting joyfully.

Life is what we make happen, but also what happens to us and for us. The formless energies of both positive and negative thoughts, words, emotions, and actions are continually being projected into our present space and the universe. How wonderful is it knowing that individually and collectively we have the free will of choice to contribute to either helping others to prosper or to perish? What we think, how we act and speak matter because it all manifests the corresponding result. When we sow joy, we reap joy and so do others. Joy creates more joy because it is always free-flowing and waiting to be captured. When we intentionally sow into creating joy for ourselves and others, we are rewarded with more. More financially, relationally, and spiritually.

In order to manifest anything on earth, including that which brings us joy, we must act on our thoughts, dreams, emotions, and words. Why? Acting sets into motion the resulting effect.

Action must be employed in order for us to manifest things on earth. You must habitually engage in actions that support your thoughts dreams, emotions and words. Regardless of what you do, taking action sets into motion the results of what you want to achieve in your immediate future and beyond. Daily actions of joy expand and increase exponentially.

Have you ever started eating healthy and exercising and receiving comments that you look wonderful? You might have thanked them and went on to say that you also feel great. That’s because what you project on the outside is a direct reflection of your inner thoughts and feelings. When you enjoy your job, appreciate your health, value your relationships and respect your money, it will show in how you look and feel. Mirroring joy about your career, health, relationships or wealth reflects your inner gratitude, joy, and peace.

In our mind is where layers and layers of ideas, thoughts, and feelings dwell and constantly change. Thoughts, both negative and positive, can dominate, creating vibrations that attract similar vibrations to you. The thoughts in your mind and feelings you have to attract others with similar thoughts and feelings. The way in which you experience and express joy creates vibrations that seek to attach to others who are experiencing and expressing their own joyful vibrations.

All human beings encounter different challenges, experiences, and struggles along their individual and collective life’s journey. From disappointments and depression to destruction and death, the presence of joy can seem to be missing. However, that is not true. In fact, joy is always present. We can activate joy in our minds and access it even in the most trying times. You see, each of us has the power to change the undesirable conditions of our lives. Within that power are stronger energies and vibrations that enable us to transform lower levels. On the continuum of life, change is constant, and at all times, our energies and vibrations are doing the same, contributing to whether we are growing or dying. Despite an urge to resist change, lean into and learn from change because the energies of change are constantly contributing to growth in every aspect of our lives.

Energy moves like a dance. Energy has rhythm. It must swing to the left, then swing to the right. As the pendulum of life either grows or dies, it continues to swing back and forth, back and forth.

You don’t have to be a great dancer to experience joyful rhythms. When you master balance, you understand that you must contain and control your emotions to keep them from swinging too far to the or right. When positive energy penetrates one’s consciousness, it keeps negative thoughts at bay and lets joy dance right into and through your life.

A Joy Movement has the power to positively impact every life that exists in this world. Thank you for being part.

Brenda holds a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration from the University of Oklahoma, Norman. She is a certified teacher and has enjoyed an extraordinary teaching career for more than 16 years, but has discovered the power of joy through the written word. The written word connects her to clients from all four corners of the world, and many are now like family and friends to her even though she has never met them. She never meets a stranger, and loves chatting and getting to know people everywhere. Her vivacious personality resonates with people, and her luminous smile emanates joy! Brenda feels most at peace when she chooses to live a life of freedom joyfully and with a purpose to make everyone feel aware of just how special they are. Born and raised in Monticello, Arkansas, Brenda Green resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She has one daughter and one granddaughter and a grand-dog, Mason. Joy is her life, and Life is her joy!